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Shanghai Pudong Area Resident Relocation for World Expo Completed

By: Cen Yi and Sun Yini

In the Shanghai World Expo Relocation project, the Pudong area has taken the lead and initiated two innovations in both the Relocating Working System and the Organizing and Operation System. It carried out the relocation work in a group-by-group fashion. Three groups were relocated, one each in March, April and August of 2005. On February 25th, 2006, Pudong New Area completed its relocation project, resettling 10660 families, which covers about 60% of the overall relocation at the first stage of the relocation project and creates a new record in Shanghai’s relocating history.


During the process, many difficulties appeared. For example, the Pudong area is characterized by families which have difficulties in meeting their everyday needs, and houses involved in complicated ownership relations. The Pudong government has made careful studies of these characteristics and listed the concerns of the residents, which include issues closely related to their interest, compensation and resettling, and various conflicting family problems. In view of this complicated situation, the government, on the basis of establishing reasonable and objective relocating policies and providing good resettlement communities such as Sanlin World Expo Park, initiated an innovative Relocating Working System. Four important steps have been taken in this regard. Firstly, sticking to the“ten openness”policy and realizing transparency in the relocating process. All relocating policy information was posted in public to make people well informed of the policy and the procedure and the standardized contract. Secondly, sticking to the“three consistencies”so as to carry out relocation harmoniously. In practice, emphasis was laid on consistency both in the type of housing provided as well as the issued policies and the administrative decision-making policies. This measure has successfully cleared up many people’s suspicion and apprehension and encouraged them to join in the group of“early move, early benefits”. Thirdly, sticking to the“two participations”to bring about an honest in relocating. Members of society from every walk of life who carry the public’s confidence have been organized to take part in relocation work, This group includes relocating residents’representatives, lawyers, and social workers. Fourthly, sticking to“four synchronizations”to protect the rights of relocating residents. The New Area government, the World Expo office, functional districts, and the supervision, security, auditing, and letter mailing and visiting offices of local streets and towns have been making concerted efforts to protect the legal rights of relocating families.

Meanwhile, the Pudong government also initiated the Organizing and Operation System, bringing the institutions at different levels into full play. Under the leadership of the District Committee and the District Government, the New Area World Expo Coordination Team and the New Area Relocating Headquarters exerted vertical leadership, making decisions and issuing commands, so as to ensure high efficiency of the work; the New Area World Expo office concentrated on organizing and coordinating work to deal with relocation matters timely; Sanlin World Expo Functional districts and streets involved themselves in stability maintenance work; related streets authorities and relocating companies carried out practical organizing work to promote the progress; and the New Area Government integrated the resources of planning, construction, environmental protection, letter mailing and visits, judicial administration and other functional sections to ensure a smooth and quick operation, as well as other services. Three related streets were assigned as the forefront of the headquarters of the World Expo Relocating Project. Cardres from local streets, the residential committee, and the New Area Government, and clerks from the relocation companies gathered together to communicate with relocating residents until their problems were completely solved and to provide good after-service to those who had signed the relocating contracts.

The Pudong World Expo Relocating System and its innovation has ensured the completion of the relocating task at different time nodes, promoted the stable progress of the relocating work and protected the legal rights of relocated families.